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The World is Under the Control of 666
by Norma Holt

The Politics of 666

Power and Control by Force

The World Order

Criminals run religious organisations and they hold the top jobs in such institutions. Terrorism starts and ends with ideologies promoted by them, which many would know are fake. A Jesuit priest disclosed his uncovering of information in its archives that proves the Vatican orchestrated the formation of the Muslim Branch of itself at the end of the 4th CAD. This followed my discovery that the Catholic Church was stablished by an Islamist.

Secret archives, mysteries, and magic constitute the protective barrier that hides the facts. Were it not for my delving deep into the origin and traditions of Islam the crimes they commit might never have been discovered,

Modern terrorism is based largely on the idea that men who kill others will receive huge rewards in Paradise. This is based on an old premise that heaven and hell exist and await people in the after-life. To avoid the latter one is subjected to fanciful tales of a place in the former that is gained by obeying religious leaders.

Violence, severe punishment, torture, and murder have been the weapons of persuasion for several millennia and it started with the people of Babylon. Here is where the Islamic ideals were concocted into a formal religious status and its chef God was and is the sun.

The Kaaba at Mecca holds the iconic images of the sun and moon within its sacred building. While this is not open to the public a video has surfaced on UTube that demonstrates it.

People of Muslim faith pray five times a day in the direction of Mecca, that is the sun. The Islamic flag holds the image of the five-point sun-star cradled in the arms of the moon. The same symbols are found raised over mosques while ‘Allah’ is derived from ‘El-a’ meaning ‘God of power’.

Proof for these assertions have lain undiscovered or undisclosed due to the power of religious criminals that prevent their release. My way into them came first from a linguistic root and then from research into material gathered by authors with access to the archives and elsewhere.

Babylon was inhabited by the Amor, the same who established the Persian Empire. They were the original Islamists and their woeful deeds of violence, enslavement, capture of surrounding city states, and annihilation of enemy populations is documented in ancient texts.

Also in such records are many of the stories that found their way into the Old Testament, such as that of the flood. That book was compiled by seventy men under the command of Ptolomy, a satrap of Alexandria. It is verified in prophecies that hold such truths as to confirm that they were handed down by the real God and were spared from corruption. The new production was titled the Septuagint, meaning seventy men.

The Amor were on the march and after their take-over of Egypt they established their capital in Italy. Here they built a city called Roma (Reverse Amor) and under the guise of Romans their previous history was all but obliterated.

As the years passed and the new Empire grew and spread throughout most of Europe and Northern Africa it was a young general, Constantine, who seized the purple on the death of his father, Constantius. His exploits are recorded in history but twisted to make him out to be a good ‘Christian’. It was he who established the Catholic Church in 325 of the modern era and built the Vatican.

He also built the first Christian churches and sent his mother, Helena, to Jerusalem to supposedly ‘recover’ evidence of the crucifixion. According to Revelation 13:12-18 he invented Jesus Christ and placed Mary, the name of the Babylonian sun-god, in it as its chief God. Called the Mother of God the sun was still the prime object of worship.

Linguistically ‘Mary’ means ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and it is the origin of ‘marry’. Men dreamed of becoming ‘suns’ (sons) or mini-gods by dying on crosses at dawn and rising up on the sun-beams, which were called ‘or-s’ or ‘sun-light’. From that title the animal was named on which men rode as kings and their army.

The term ‘army’ is derived from ‘or-m-i’ or ‘sun-mother’s-eye’. It means that they had power to kill and take whatever they could in the name of their chief. The king was given the honour of taking the place of the sun to make decisions and go into battle against ‘her’ enemies.

It was the birth of the ‘sun-king’ of which several countries maintain allegiance. It is the reason people bow to monarchs and treat them as gods.

Terrorism is todays version of the way the Persians and then the Romans conducted themselves. The Catholic Church has used the same mode of operation since its beginning and edicts survive signed by Constantine ordering torture and death to those who did not conform to his religion.

The Muslim Branch was essential to support the claims of the fledgling church and it was brought into being by Augustine Bea, Bishop of Hippo, and a man named Mohammed, who was married to one of his parishioners.

Augustine trained him as a prophet which the Vatican ordered kings and others to proclaim him as such. Just prior to this Jerome produced the New Testament based on the motions passed at the Council of Nicaea and the orders of the Vatican. It was published along with the altered version of the Septuagint as the Vulgate. The Koran followed soon after.

Religion was used by Constantine to increase his power and control over an empire that had become so unwieldy that 5 emperors were struggling to hold it together. His determination was written of by contemporaries with descriptions like: “He knew from the beginning what he had to do and he had the power to do it.”

One by one he was able to rid himself of the other rulers and thought nothing of murdering them along with their armies and entire families. He wanted no one alive to challenge his right to sole rule. The last Caesar he killed was his eldest son, Crispus, who he had elevated to the rank in order to defeat Licinius, his brother-in-law, and ruler of the west provinces.

Along with Crispus he murdered his wife, Faustus, and several of his close relatives, such as nephews, cousins, and so on.

Constantine then established laws that became the new World Order. They include the right of inheritance, the financial or economic systems, and others. In revelation 13:18 he is declared to be 666, the man who has led the world to its impending destruction.

His religion and its many off-springs have forced situations such as gross over-population, wars as a means of securing peace, and greed over protection of the planet. He is warned of many times in prophecies and his time is up.

One might ask the question: If he is so bad why was he allowed by God to put in place the things that are now destroying us? The answer lies in prophecies and it is there that the answer to all our questions are located.

In Revelation 17:5 Mary is called BABYLON THE GREAT and the Mother of harlots. It is the only place in the bible where capital letters are used. That means it is a severe warning against the religion which holds her above the power of the real God, the Spirit of the Universe.

Her religions are so strong that no one could break them. Only when the truth about them is known will this change. The internet is the means to do it as books alone cannot penetrate the extreme darkness of deceit and corruption.