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The Truth - Jesus Christ and 666
by Norma Holt

This site contains amazing material from some 30 years of research that is given free to the reader. The real God needs no money, no buildings, no tithes, and certainly no physical commitments from anyone looking to connect spiritually. That's what religions don't want you to know. By undoing the lies and exposing the facts the Spirit is gaining recognition as the Almighty Spirit of the Universe.


NB. God is NOT in Religion but 666 is

It sounds audacious but there is a connection between 666 and Jesus Christ that was covered over by lies, a conspiracy to hide the real God, and a need for power and control. That was implemented by Constantine, the Roman Emperor who established the Roman Catholic Church, in 325 AD and he has been declared a saint for what he did.

Before readers are put off by this claim it is in their interest to read the whole story before deciding on the truth of it.

The facts are I have full memory of my reincarnation. I was a man in my last life and a woman in this one. I was born with a different language to that of my parents and kept it for some eight years before speaking English properly. An accent stayed with me until well into my twenties.

The thing I missed more than anything was the strength of my previous form. The reality of my new life did not hit me that hard until my father told me one day that I could not carry something that was heavy. "You can't carry that" he said. "You are only a girl."

He didn't mean anything sinister by it but the comment hit me hard. I immediately thought I am in the wrong body. It took a long time to adjust to my new creation and can understand how homosexuals and transvestites feel. They also expect they are in the wrong body or else they prefer the company of their own sex without knowing why?

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit many things were given to me and the need for knowledge and to understand why people believe in heaven and hell was uppermost on my 'to-do'list.

The age shown to me between lives was 45 years. Two months past that birthday the Spirit came on me so hard that I could not move a muscle. I was told to : "tear down the wall of churches, go out to the people, and bring back the young."

Three visions followed in which I saw a man, resembling the image of Jesus Christ, preaching to a crowd on a mountain. In the next I had replaced him and in the third my face was on a screen.

The year was 1984 and a long time before the Internet became available. Now my face is on the screen of computers around the world. With many websites, blogs, and published articles people are reading the messages that the Spirit has given me to tear the wall down.

The bottom line is that God is the Great Power of the Universe. It is no man and it has never sent a son to earth to die for anyone or for their salvation. The need to hide the real God came from the man identified by the Spirit as 666. That is what this site is about and the proof is extraordinary and from many sources, including the Spirit.