The Truth - Jesus Christ and 666

Secrets of the Greatest Crime Ever

And You Are Possibly a Victim of It

Author, Norma Holt, presents a book of irrefutable evidence that tells all. She establishes beyond doubt that there never was a Jesus Christ and that the details, believed to be those of his life and death, are the same for many avatars from antiquity to the present day

Why there is no phsical evidence

The crime begins in prehistoric times with the rise of big men who ultimately became kings. It culminated with the establishment of the Catholic Church, the presentation of its so-called prophet, and the man who made it possible.

He is described in the bible as 666.

He was a sun worshiping Roman who managed to twist the ancient fable to suit his purposes. He built the first Vatican over the temple to Jupiter (Peter) and nominated this god as the one who proclaimed Jesus Christ as the 'rock' and founder of the religion.

So why wrote the New Testament?

It was a founding father of the Catholic Church who established its laws, compiled the New testament, and implemented its costumes, order of service, calendar and sacred instruments. He did much more including changing the language of the Catholic Church to Latin so as to avoid criticism.

Yes, it is shocking stuff but you have to read the evidence to understand his clever tactics and how the Catholic Church protected his activities while profiting from the fall out.

Once something is established humans are loath to change it and so it lives on and becomes a religion, a tradition, a ritual, a festivity, and something that impacts on children from birth.

So it was with the rise of Jesus Christ and the story surrounding him, which is the same as that in many cultures for their own 'Son of God'

While there is absolutely no physical evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ many believe he came and brought with him the laws and will of God. This established the credibility of a vicious, murderous, tyrant whose ambitions saw him become the sole ruler of the Roman Empire and capture the minds of the willing while killing off his opposition.

This was in keeping with propaganda by kings who enforced their authority over their people and empires by the pretext that they were 'sons of the sun' and, therefore, a 'son of God'. With that established their word could never be questioned and they were treated as a God on earth.

The pay off for loyalty was a life of eternal bliss under the king they served so diligently on earth. Those who gave their lives on the battle field to prove their king's power received the greatest rewards. They were and are called 'martyrs' and the ruse saw many rushing to die to become one.

Those who were only 'blooded' were also rewarded and to distinguish them from the unbloodied they were given medals and special privileges, such as being allowed into the 'inner circle' of the king's court. They became 'knights' in other words.

Terrorism began with those who sought to protect their kings and, of course, their gods. Strategies included entering the enemies camp and sabotaging or murdering the guards of the opposing king.

As weapons were developed they were deployed to assist in this activity. As they improved in fire power it was a case of who could out invent the other.

Todays terrorism is an extension of this practice. Killing others, including the families of the opposing forces, served the purpose of their gods, and still does.

Read on to discover how and why this still affects us and is, in fact, destroying the world.

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